We all know it – football is amazing. And yet our enjoyment of the beautiful game is too often spoilt by the actions of some who play, watch and coach it the wrong way.

Poor sportsmanship, deliberate foul play and no respect for referees come from poor role-models in the media, win-at-all costs mentality and a lack of strong coaching ethos.

At Star Strike Football we do things very differently. We want to encourage young players who know how to play, and win, skilfully, but are also taught the importance of respecting those we play with, and using football to teach how to encourage and include those of all abilities.

Our ethos can be remembered as Respect T.R.O.Y:

Respect your Team
Good teams trust and encourage their whole team, not just the more skilful and confident players. Respecting our team mates means not shouting at them every time they make a mistake, realising that we all make mistakes, and that is how me learn and improve. Great teams like Barcelona involve all of the team in how they play, instead of relying on a few superstars.

Respect the Referee
Anyone that’s ever tried refereeing will know that refs have an impossible task, trying to get every decision right and getting heavily criticised when they don’t. Yet if there was no ref there would be no game, so we should treat them and their decisions with respect, even if we disagree.

Respect your Opponent
We all enjoy playing more when the opposition play fairly, are honest and don’t resort to unfair tactics. The only way to make a game like that is when we become that kind of opposition, treating other as we would like to be treated.

Respect Yourself
We respect the abilities and talents we have and are learning by always giving our best to everything we do, no matter how easy or hard it seems. That’s how we learn and improve as players!